Why Ashford Recruitment is different

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, a lot of my HR/Employment law clients dread every time they have to recruit.

The options are limited - do it in-house or engage a recruitment agency (or several).

To do it in-house, you nominate someone (that is if you don't have a full-blown HR or Recruitment department) who will post a job on one or more of the big job boards, maybe a local one and possibly put the vacancy on the company website & social media. Maybe e-mail some clients and suppliers to ask if they can share the job listing with their contacts. Not much else than can be done. The results are predictable: a flood of CVs from the job boards and someone has to sift through them, hoping for a handful of suitable ones. There may be a couple of applicants coming direct because they have seen the company website or social posts, or have been referred. With a bit of luck some interviews are arranged and with even more luck a candidate is hired.

The problem is the time and money this process costs. It's not about the fees for posting the ads, it's the working hours spent on the process. One of my clients tallied up the hours and multiplied them with the hourly wage of the different people involved (it's a small business so he, as the MD, did the second interviews while his Operations Manager did the first round and assessed all CVs). The result: From posting the ad to hiring the staff member (on an annual salary of £28,000) the cost to the business was £9,000.

He could have used a recruitment agency to fill the role and some of the in-house work would have been reduced - less CVs to screen, a lot of the initial communication with the candidates would have been handled by the agency etc. but the fee due for this service would have been around £4,000. Let's say the in-house cost to the business would been half what they spent by doing it all themselves, the total would still be between £8,000 and £9,000.

Not a big saving. More importantly, the owner of the business does not want to deal with recruitment agencies. He has had bad experiences which I won't go into here as I have discussed those previously.

He thinks there "has to be another way". We agree and we have thought long and hard about what services a business needs when it comes to recruitment, what makes life easier and what saves time & money.

We believe the first important part is to advertise with the skills and knowledge of how to do it (how to make a job ad appealing, where to advertise and on social channels with a high following), so that's included in our service. The second part is to effectively screen all applications - this is where our extensive experience in HR and hiring comes into play. CVs can say anything you'd like them to say and without some skill it is difficult to spot exaggerations and little lies. So human CV screening is also part of our service.

The result is a selection of high quality applications which we securely make available to our clients.

We do this for £495 per role - a huge difference to the amounts I mentioned above.

The clients we have worked with so far are happy and hopefully many more will join them in letting us put a smile on their face!

As I mentioned before, Ashford Recruitment is not something I ever dreamt of being involved in (HR/Employment Law is my bread and butter) and it's a trial. It may work, it may not but we do believe that "there has to be another way".

If you agree let us know in the comments, if you think there is something else we should add to the service please also tell us. And if you're really brave, why don't you give us a try 😀

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