Recruitment struggles in the hospitality industry

Every single person I speak to tells me of the struggles to find staff in hospitality industry.

While many smaller, local restaurants, pubs and coffee shops used to attract candidates by simply putting a vacancy sign up or by advertising locally on social media or more traditional means, the pool of potential candidates appears to have dried up and this is particularly true when it comes to temporary staff for the Christmas period.

There are differing opinions as to what the reasons are, be that a reduction in EU nationals since the Brexit referendum, “record high employment”, more people being self-employed working several “gig-economy” jobs or doing the same by being signed up to several casual worker contracts (zero-hour contracts).

There is probably not one of these issues responsible on its own but rather it’s a combination of some or all of them.

The fact is that candidates are hard to find.

Many businesses therefore have no other choice than to switch to using recruitment agencies which of course hurts their bottom line due to high fees in an already challenging economic environment. Other companies attempt to advertise on traditional job boards and are then inundated with unsuitable applications and CV’s from individuals who are working towards their minimum number of applications to satisfy Jobcentre requirements. In the hope of finding a decent number of candidates with potential, often the decision is made to advertise on several job boards, which of course creates additional work and increases costs.

Ashford Recruitment can help

We at Ashford Recruitment have applied our business support mentality (we specialise in offering tailored and cost-effective HR & employment law support) and have come up with a fixed-fee recruitment solution that takes the best from DIY recruitment and from using an agency, and removes the worst.

We advertise on all major job boards for the cost that would only pay for one or two and, for a small additional fee, we screen all applications.

This means our clients always save on costs and if they select our human screening option they only receive qualified applicants. We avoid the chaos caused by engaging more than one agency where each one fights over who introduced a candidate first and, best of all, our clients are free to hire as many candidates as they wish from the pool of applications – one fee, as many candidates as required.

If you’re struggling to find staff or if you just want to try a more effective and cheaper way of recruiting, get in touch with us. We’d be happy to help! Don’t worry, we won’t tie you into any contract – no artificial commitments necessary, we want you to come back because you want to.

01233 884113

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